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STRONG ZERO is an innovative drink from Japan. Sales volume are so high that it holds a Guinness World Record for total yearly sales of over 240 million liters (about 85 million cans) sold in 2018 alone.
In Japan, it is called CHUHI (for shoCHU and HIghball). Shochu is an alcohol based on potatoes or rice. A highball is a drink based on strong alcohol (vodka, whisky...) and mixed with soda or mineral water. Think of it as the pioneer of hard seltzers.

STRONG ZERO is made from fresh fruit frozen at -196°C. This process preserves the taste of the fruit. They are then soaked in alcohol and finally carbonated. This drink contains no sugar and is therefore lower in calories than other similar drinks.

We also offer Kirin's version of Chuhai. Kirin has a line-up that's more oriented on exotic fruits and new flavors. Taste-wise, Kirin Strong are extremely close as they employ the same recipe as STRONG ZERO.


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