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Welcome to Yoho Brewing Company

We are proud to represent the Yoho Brewing Company as an exclusive Swiss representative. The Yoho Brewery was founded in 1996 in Nagano, Japan, and has since become one of the most renowned craft breweries in Japan. In recent years, their handcrafted beers have also attracted increasing attention around the world. These exceptional brewers are passionately focused on their mission to provide truly original, high-quality craft beers to people all over the world to bring a little happiness and ultimately make the world a better place. From Yona Yona Ale to Neko to the fantastic Sorry Umami, it is unusual to see a range of beers with so much personality! We can see that the brewers took a lot of pleasure in making these high quality craft beers. I therefore recommend that you try them out as soon as possible and you too will be able to understand why the Yoho brewery has so quickly earned its reputation. We offer their entire range and are currently the only brewery in Switzerland to offer their excellent products. It was time to right this wrong and to introduce their craft beers to as many people as possible. Visit our shop now to savour these new flavours, as surprising as they are refreshing!

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